Flutter project setup that makes your life easier.

2 min readMar 28, 2021


It’s been sometime now I am working on Flutter. There are some steps I follow that make my life easier on Flutter development.

Table of content.

  1. IDE Plugin.
  2. Project Folder Structure.
  3. Most common Plugins.

IDE Plugins

Whatever IDE you using (Android Studio or Vs Code). I think most of the plugin is very common but anyway below is the list.

Flutter Snippets provides Live Templates to your IDE saving time writing the boilerplate code. like(Stateless,Stateful widget, Listview builder, column and many more here you find all)

bloc will help you generate bloc class for you and save the repetitive task.

Flutter Pub Version Checker will let you know if there any new version available for the package from your pubspec.yaml

Getx Snippets will provide a live template for Getx package.

if you want to find out more about GetX take look here


Project Folder Structure.

There are many types of structures available for projects but that is the choice of developer.

But I like the module folder structure and also help when you project complexity increase.


Now Already you guessed the content of the folder but anyways.

controller & extension Yes, you guessed it Right it should contain your getxcontroller and extension.

screen & model will contain all of your screen and model classes.

services if you are you are using firebase then it should be firebase service or API Services.

widgets it should contain some common widget that you are using all over your project.

And Lastly utils


These are some class it should contain AppStrings, AppImages, AppColor when it comes to refactoring these classes will make you life lot easier and it will save you a ton of time.

Most common Plugins.

Some of the packages & plugin that you will need in every project.

  • intl
  • shared_preferences
  • font_awesome_flutter
  • google_fonts
  • animations
  • bot_toast
  • flutter_spinkit

Thank you for reading

If you learned even a thing or two, clap your hands👏 as many times as you can to show your support! It really motivates me to contribute to the community.