Install Multiple Flutter Version using FVM (Flutter Version Management)

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Flutter Version Management


When you have multiple Flutter projects and each project use different flutter SDK version so every time you switch project you have to switch flutter SDK version so that is a very tedious and time-consuming process.

What is FVM(flutter version management)
FVM is a simple CLI to manage Flutter SDK versions.

Why FVM?
FVM caches those versions locally, so you don’t have to wait for a full setup every time you want to switch versions.

1.Activate FVM

flutter pub global activate fvm

2.Check FVM

Note-: If you are using window terminal (Command Prompt) you see and crash then switch to Power shell.

find out more about the issue here

3. Installing Flutter Versions

Now you can install any flutter version you want. I am installing a stable and master channel.

fvm install master

You can install a specify version by using

fvm releases

To see all installed flutter version

fvm list

4.Setting Project Path

Go to your project root directory and type fvm use master or stable

fvm use master

Open you IDE I am using android studio and set the flutter SDK path as below check out the video.

We have Successfully installed FVM.


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